Customer Care Department
is a very important part of Wesflex to ensure the quality and credibility we provide to our customers. With a professional work of this department joining by our experienced technicians, Wesflex offers product warranty, installation warranty, pre-sale and post-sale service including consultation, installation and full-scale floor preparation, which includes floor repairing, cleaning and waxing before installation.

Plays floors are installed using the traditional Dryback installation. The special formats are glued with a special adhesive to a thoroughly prepared surface that is hard, dry and flawless . For detailed installation, Please contact Wesflex Company Limited.

Appropriate maintenance procedures will help to preserve the appearance and will extend the life of a Plays design floor. The Frequency of maintenance will spend on the amount and type traffic, degree soiling, the floor color and type. Plays design floor have a Protectonite-PU lacquer on top of the resistant wear layer. This lacquer protects against soiling and makes overall maintenance easier. Protectonite also Make any post-treatment with protection polish unnecessary. For more information, Please contact Wesflex Company Limited.

Plays is Wesflex Groups’s leading high quality vinyl flooring brand, for residential and commercial use.